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Knackit is Video Based Talent Sharing Platform, users can showcase their talent and get hired. Apart from sharing short talent videos Knackit also allows artists to host Live Events and train others and with instant messaging service you get an opportunity to connect with Talent professionals.


Upload Video

showcase your Talent by uploading/recording video. The video can be recorded for 1 minute

Browse Talent

Checkout Talent videos as per your interest. Multi level filtering makes it easy.

Get Connected

Single app for both Seekers and providers. Chat and Hire which suites best.


Can i change my area of interests?

Yes definitely, goto your profile and click on the 3 dots on top right corner. Click Preferred Categories. It lists all the selected categories. Feel free to add or remove any

How do i access and edit my Knackit Page?

Click on right bottom profile icon on the app home. It will take you to profile page. Click on the 3 dots on top right corner and will let you edit your profile.

How do i post a Video?

Click on + icon on App Home page. You can record or select a video from gallery. Provide caption, hashtags and categories which is suitable for the video. Click “Post” NOTE: Every video goes through review process to make sure only videos with Talent/Skills are available on the platform

How can i apply for a job?

Search for a job that suits your skills. Click on “Apply Now”. App instructs users to share only the video while applying for the job.

How do i share my Video on other platforms?

Knackit gives an option to share videos outside the platform. Goto the video that you like to share. Click on share icon on the video. It opens the options of various platform where video can be shared.

How can i make money using Knackit?

Apply for jobs that are relevant to your talent. For completion of jobs you will receive payments directly to the account.

How do i post a Job?

Goto Jobs home page. Click on “Post Job” button. With 2 step a job can be posted. Adding media to the job is optional.

Where is my Settings and Privacy page?

Goto your profile page. Click on the 3 dots on top right corner. Click Settings. It lists various options related to notifications

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