Best Earning App in India you should start using Today

Aug 1, 2021

Areeba Fatima

Working as a writer for over a year now, Areeba Fatima is an enthusiastic and time-bound content writer. She has worked on several projects and has gathered relevant skills and talent in writing and blogging over the years.

Knackit is a video sharing platform provider where you can showcase your hobbies and talent to people worldwide with the help of the internet. In the past, Knackit has helped people pick up new hobbies and has also enabled them to pursue hobbies that they had been waiting to learn for a long time.

What do we offer? What all can you post on Knackit?

As we at Knackit love to show your talent to our viewers, the videos that you record help people to learn hobbies like singing, dance, yoga, and more. We also have a wide range of categories that are adding up daily, from videos that would help people sing better to videos where you can teach people forms of Yoga; Knackit has it all. In addition, we have videos that include specific skills to do a particular thing, like using the camera at a certain angle which could get you a better shot of nature, which are also known as “life hacks’’ nowadays.

Famous professionals that create videos only on life hacks have seen an improvement in the number of people they were able to reach. Your videos will not only reach your viewers but also help them learn something new every day. For example, a dancer may learn a new step, or a guitarist may get inspired by a new tune. It will also help you earn a decent amount from our platform and get recognition for your talents.

How can we impact your life?

Every app should have a reason for you to start using it. Applications like Instagram and Tiktok provide most of the categories, but there is something in addition that we have for you, and that is yoga. Being a yoga streaming platform has helped several people have a better lifestyle, cured diseases and made them fit. Yoga has helped people cut down on their medication as it helps in maintaining blood pressure, sugar levels and improves cardiac health. Live Streaming of yoga enables you to maintain a routine as you may log in every day when the yoga professional has started teaching. Knackit is one of the best social networking apps that help you get in touch with people who have the required knowledge with certifications from around the globe.

How are we different?

As a professional, you would love your talent to be appreciated, and if your talent can take you up to a level where you can earn the lifestyle you dream of, it sounds like a cherry on the top. Knackit offers various ways through which you can make money by showcasing your talent on our app. For example, you can be a teacher to someone looking for Guitar classes, or you can be selected by a professional if they like your performance, and if you have enough coins on the app, you may also redeem money from it!

Professionals generally showcase their talent by uploading videos in the form of reels on Instagram, videos on Youtube, sharing WhatsApp stories, etc., but the desired reach is never fulfilled. Keeping in mind that your videos must reach out to your target audience, Knackit ensures your talent is used to better your life. Furthermore, Knackit focuses just on showing your talent to the world whereas, apps like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok have many more that may hide the desired content your viewer wants to view.

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