Are you an artist striving to showcase your talent? Do you want to turn your Passion into a Profession? Then you’ve hit the right spot because we at Knackit strive to provide you with the best possible services that will help you showcase your talent. We provide you with a talent sharing platform where you can upload your excellent content and earn money. We have come about with a fantastic app that helps you put up your Creative Talent Show Ideas and show them to people worldwide with ease. We aim to help talented and passionate people get recognition by the talented artists of the industry.

What’s Knackit App all about, and how can we earn money through it?

Knackit App is one of the best Best Free Video Sharing App that helps people upload their creative content and show it worldwide. This app enables individuals to come to this platform to display their talent, teach people and earn money through it. Several people are using the app and showcasing their talent. Talent that makes them happy and feels powerful such as yoga, dancing, singing, painting, and many other forms of art. What you need to do is upload your video on our app with great content and quality, and then the users using the app will offer coins if they like your content.

Thinking about how you can earn? Check this out!

  • Earn By Referral
  • Earn By Making Short Videos
  • Earn By Creating Live Event
  • Easy By Teaching
  • Earn By Winning Contests

Download the Knackit App. Available on Android & iOS!

Who can showcase their talent on our app?

We offer you multiple categories of talent to choose from and upload your videos. By downloading our App, Certified Professional Trainers or even beginners who wish to turn their passion into a profession can upload their videos and reach out to many people, which will also help them earn money with ease. The talent verticals are as follows-

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Vocal
  • Painting

Now you can choose a category and upload creative videos that will make you feel happy and earn a bit for your pocket.

Why choose us?

Following a career that doesn’t make you feel happy is surely not worth taking forward. You should always do something that you love, that you want to do, that excites you and gives you happiness. We at Knackit are trying our best to help people get recognition by the industry that will help them create a bright future. Knackit is the World’s First Video-based Talent Marketplace Recognized by Govt. of India allows the artistic community to get hired by the professions.

Author - Areeba Fatima
Working as a writer for over a year now, Areeba Fatima is an enthusiastic and time-bound content writer. She has worked on several projects and has gathered relevant skills and talent in writing and blogging over the years.