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Aug 15, 2021

Areeba Fatima

Working as a writer for over a year now, Areeba Fatima is an enthusiastic and time-bound content writer. She has worked on several projects and has gathered relevant skills and talent in writing and blogging over the years.

Knackit is a tech-based video sharing platform that makes sure that your talent reaches people who are waiting to learn from it. In the past few years, the brilliant technique of video-based learning has created new opportunities for teachers, which has added to a source of extra jobs and extra income. It’s time to adapt to this revolutionary method of teaching, i.e. online education. Knackit is a platform to get you the maximum number of viewers for your talent. Our Fire-based analytics android helps the creator create more content according to the market demand and what the viewers want to view. Firebase Analytics is a process that collects data from you and gives you the statistical interpretation about what is being considered and in what numbers. This is done after the data is analyzed by specific software and following a particular algorithm to give you the best results for future purposes.

Believing that E-learning can be life-changing and has become an essential part of after the pandemic had unexpectedly affected the education system and the ability to learn led us to the idea of launching this app. Our app is linked with a few extensions like Google Analytics for Firebase, which will help you make decisions for your profession. You can quickly log in through the links provided on our website, which will help you create a folder to hold more than one project. Each project can be viewed and studied by you at your convenience. The benefit of Firebase is that the app monitors every movement you make, and the Firebase will automatically record the data. We at Knackit provide you with this as an additional bonus. This data can also be used for record purposes; this will help you track your growth in the future. For example, you create yoga videos, and you want to promote a particular technique, which might be beneficial for maximum users. The data here will help you understand what can be added to the video and what the viewer appreciates.

Once you have referred to Google’s technical documentation, you will notice two different branches of the analyzed data: SDK for Android and SDK for iOS. We at Knackit provide you with Firebase SDK Android Studio to segregate the data used on both platforms. The segregated data can help you in the design and functioning of the app accordingly. This helps shorten sale cycles and help you be on top of the list compared with your competitors. For example, the collected iOS data will help you make videos that would support features only for the iPhone. As now we know the numbers, we can create content accordingly, which will help you increase your views and gain more coins. Your success is our foremost priority; the data collected for your content will help you create a successful future and make your dream of being an excellent teacher come true.

Now is the time to kickstart your future by knowing the numbers that you want to target since the very beginning of your career. As E-learning is an upcoming field in education, Knackit is a perfect platform for you to showcase and earn from your talent. The plugins on our website will help you boost views and reach the right place.

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