The first week of May has been super exciting for Knackit. At Knackit, on top of wishing everyone well and to stay safe, we have been continuing to innovate and evolve in the journey of building Next Great Software Company. As much as we love seeing everyone face to face, we went virtual and released our first Beta App on Playstore which can be easily downloaded. Let’s take a look at what’s been moving and shaking at Knackit in the past week.

Beta Release

On 5th of May Knackit beta app was released on Playstore. It was a limited feature release to get early feedback from users and incorporate in subsequent releases. And as a result on the very first day we hit the 100+ downloads mark. Are you looking for a platform that helps you connect with talented folks all around the world? Do you want to gain traction on the talent you have and pursue your Passion as Profession? You can get started on Knackit Today.

Video Feed

We at Knackit believe in Innovation and out of boxing thinking. To give users the seamless experience on the platform, we developed custom libraries on the top of Flutter. This allowed a lot of tailoring on Video feed, in-turn keeping the video feed lightweight.

Real Time Notifications

Knackit has Integrated with Firebase Cloud messaging. Every second is important so why not get notified instantly.

We at Knackit sends notifications instantly within seconds. This makes sure you stay updated & connected with the rest of the world.


ElasticSearch - WOW Factor


Knackit uses ElasticSearch to give users the best search experience possible. We believe in showing the right content user is looking for at lightning Speed. With data mining on large sets of data and data analytics, we make sure the search results data user is looking for.

Mark Videos, Categories & Hashtags Favourites

With incoming content at high speed. It's difficult to remember what we saw an hour back. Knackit provides the ability to mark Videos as favourite. This is like bookmarking a video, and whenever you want Knackit shows the list of bookmarked Videos. Same goes with Categories and Hashtags. You can Follow a particular Category or Hashtag, enabling you to get notified on any activity around the followed parameters.


Additional Updates

Integrated Amazon SQS

We have started using Amazon’s Simple Queue Service which allows no wait time for user requests. Also making sure none of the requests are lost during the course of its lifecycle.

ZERO Tolerance on Video Buffering

No-body likes to wait and see the buffering window. With Amazon Cloudfront, users will now get ultra fast video feed as Cloudfront caching helps to preload videos that users are going to watch in near future to avoid load time.

Coming Soon

Real Time Chat

A talent community should have means of communication. We are coming up with a Real time chat feature, which will allow users to communicate with each other.

Knackit 2.0

Post Beta release we have kick-off a new project named Knackit 2.0. A complete Design revamp giving users a next gen experience of Video Platform.