There has been a growing trend among people today for using online platforms which cater to their appetite for entertainment.

However, the recent developments in geo-politics have showcased that these platforms are breaching privacy norms and in turn imposing a threat to the internal security of the nation.

This has led to the banning of various foreign applications and one of the video app that has caused the most uproar was ‘TikTok’ which had over 114 million active users in India.

Thus there remains a need to provide for a locally created alternative to such apps which can win back the trust of the Indian user.

Knackit is one such local video app which is proving itself to be a viable alternative to TikTok and more. Knackit is an Indian video app which has a similar interface to that of TikTok but also provides its user, not only with the opportunity to view entertainment videos and vine but also provide them with a wide range of educational videos. Not only is it providing them the opportunity to showcase their talent online but at the same time is also ensuring that the privacy of its users and his data is not put at risk which today is of utmost importance.

Apart from focusing only on Talent, Knackit is proving to be the destination for Artist background people who are looking to take their talent to next level and make it a profession.

With Live Events, Knackit plans to provide a single video platform for all the talented artists to not only show skills but also coach others at the same time. I would say Knackit is not just a replacement of Tiktok like apps but its much more with a vision of providing jobs in India.