As we have witnessed with the emergence of ICT (Information communication and technology) , there has been a considerable shift of the world from conventional platforms towards online platforms which have over the recent years provided people with a stage to showcase their talent even from remote areas.

Knackit is one such emerging platform which, through its user-friendly interface, it provides people with the opportunity to showcase their talent to the world and meet like-minded people with whom they can share their ideas and collaborate.


It is helping people in not only showcasing the world their talent and what they are capable of but also emerging as a learning platform where people can learn different skills via various educational videos and one on one interactions that the platform provides for.

The simplicity of the platform is what makes it different. One can simply shoot a video, upload it from where they are and people with a simple click can show their appreciation for it. The platform through its interface and search optimization helps the user to search for profiles of their interest.


Various features like the use of ‘hashtags’ and categorization of videos under respective heads like travel, hip-hop, guitar etc. not only helps the viewer but also help people to have better reach thus it bridges the gap between people and brings them closer, thus catering to the need of the user both ways. One of the best features that have been incorporated in the app is the range of the length of the videos that can be uploaded. They vary from being small vines to over a minute which in turn provides a buffet of selections to choose from. It is proving to be an alternative to the other similar platforms currently in market that somewhat has a complicated interface which might prove to be confusing for many.